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13 Feb 2023

These sensors exist of a small NTC chip reflow soldered between two AWG #24 UL-2468 style wires. They are lacquered and insulated with black epoxy.
Accurate over wide temperature range
High stability
Excellent price / performance ratio
High adhesive strength between PVC wire and the encapsulating lacquer
Material categorization:
Available Temperature measurement, sensing and control in remote locations and f..
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23 Jan 2023

Panel Potentiometers are variable resistors that are commonly used for all applications involving a reasonable number of cycles (few tens of thousands, manually actuated). Mounted behind the front panel for various equipment, they frequently feature buttons mounted on their shafts. Typical applications include: setting the light or the brightness of a screen, turning the volume for an audio application, setting the speed on tool machining equipment, or various parameters for industrial remote c..
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03 Oct 2022

These thermistors are made of NTC ceramic material. The device consists of a chip with two tinned nickel leads. The parts are coated and color band marked. Tape and reel versions available on request.
Accurate over a wide temperature range.
(tolerance on B-value down to 0.5 %).
Good stability over a long life.
Excellent price/performance ratio.
Low heat conductivity through 0.4 mm Ni-leads.
cULus recognized, file E148885 .
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29 Aug 2022

The P16 is a revolutionary concept in panel mounted potentiometers. This unique design consists of a knob driving and incorporating a cermet potentiometer. Only the mounting hardware and terminals are situated on the back side of the panel reducing to a minimum the required clearance.
Test according to CECC 41000 or IEC 60393-1
P16 - version for professional and industrial applications (cermet) 1 W at 40 °C
PA16 - version for professional audio applic..
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